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Sikh Youth Association of Southwest Ranches, Florida deserves kudos for their successful 2019, 5K Run/Walk event that raised $10K for the town Scholarship Fund.  The event facilitated coming together of people from all walks of life to enjoy each other’s company, enjoy diverse ethnic foods, and join in a silent prayer conducted by religious leaders of many faiths.  Thanks to tremendous effort by organizers and volunteers, the fun-filled “Unity in Diversity” event is happening again on February 29, 2020.  All residents, walkers/runners, and cheerleaders are encouraged to come and be part of a fun-filled morning.  Elected officials, Town administrators, all religious groups, business sponsors, and others providing enthusiastic support to this event deserve our gratitude. We promise you will leave the event with a healthier body, healthier mind, and a happy soul nourished by sweetest mango shake of your life 🤣😇😘🤠😍😓 and a larger College Scholarship Fund balance.     

Narinder S. Jolly, AIA Emeritus


Sikh Youth Association officers and volunteers, during their work for the upcoming Unity in Diversity 5k Run/Walk have developed excellent public speaking and marketing skills.
Not only do they have compassion, but are willing to pitch in whenever needed. They have a positive attitude and have taken on a big challenge to raise a huge amount of money for the Southwest Ranches College Scholarship Fund. We are proud that they are spreading awareness about Sikhi and becoming part of the community at large, not just confined to the boundaries of our Gurudwara.
Kudos SYA and keep up the good work.
Wish you all Chardi Kala always!
Billo Jolly

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